DriverHub is award-winning technology that takes the guesswork out of managing a driver profile. Drivers may be provided free from makers' websites, but installing them correctly is easier said than done. DriverHub's cloud-based feed lets you download multiple drivers and install them in the right order: the ultimate in control and convenience, with one year's license at only $39.97.

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Optimize your PC

A better download process delivers updates that are customized for your system. Key updates protect components, boost performance and add features.

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Better Controls

Transparent and easy-to-read controls let you actively scan, monitor and manage your driver profile, all with an intuitive, push-button interface.

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Automated Repair

DriverHub is designed to take the hassle out of updating drivers. It automatically finds the right drivers and downloads them, doing the work for you.

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Maximal Efficiency

Unlike other programs that just notify you of updates, DriverHub covers the whole sequence, launching each installer for you to eliminate confusion or doubt.

DriverHub's Dynamic-feed changes the way you repair and optimize a system.

Cloud-Based Driver Analysis!

Why Choose DriverHub?

DriverHub lets you secure not only crucial driver updates, but all driver updates, giving you the ability to manage your driver profile, customizing it to whatever you want. By choosing which updates to install and which ones to ignore, you set the layout for your system's behavior — with DriverHub, you're in control.

  • Display Drivers
  • Audio & Sound Cards
  • Graphics & Video Adapters
  • Modems & Network Adapters
  • Printers
  • Video & TV Tuners
  • Input Devices
  • Scanner Drivers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Wireless Internet
  • Motherboard Chipsets
    & more

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DriverHub is advanced software that takes advantage of dynamic cloud-based interaction. Its revolutionary approach to driver maintenance sets it apart from all the other scanners out there with limited capability and "half-way" automation. A year's license to update with DriverHub is $39.97, but it costs nothing to run a scan and see what a fully updated driver profile can do for you.

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Why Choose us?

Constantly Up-to-Date Is

The Better Method

By using its cloud-based feed, DriverHub ensures that whenever a new driver appears on the market, it's made available to you, no matter who makes it.